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TrueERP CRM - Customer Relationship Management Module

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Sales Force Automation CRM enables:

Lead List Management
Assigning list segments to sales people Allowing list contacts to be called, emailed or faxed
Tracking responses
Creating Leads for the team
Customer History tracking
Service Call tracking
Employee To Do lists
Allowing customer contacts to be called, emailed or faxed
Customer Satisfaction tracking
Generating Reports

Instant Reporting

You don't have to wait for end of month rollovers or batch updating anymore, your reports are instant and up to date to the milli-second. As an added bonus, any piece of data that is displayed on any report can be simply drilled into, this fantastic feature will give you extensive detail of what makes up the value displayed, right back to being able to open the original transaction on the report.

Mail Merge

TrueERP has the facility to send mail merge documents to prospects, leads and customers based on nearly infinite selections. With our built in email and fax engines, the sending of documents takes seconds, not hours. An extremely powerful marketing tool!

Grid Entry

Enter product via a grid style screen or as a simple product selection. Group and filter on your products for even easier selection, to the point of selecting all products within a style with one click.

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Loyalty Programmes

Design packages to suit your most loyal customers or at the very least create a loyal following of customers; people who will want to come back to you time and time again, and get rewarded for it.

Reward Points

Create reward point packages to encourage repeat business based on any number of factors.


Complete details as required to keep an accurate customer database, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. The customer database is live to all areas of TrueERP which ensures that if any transaction involving a client is processed, the correct details including credit limits, pricing levels, past history, and contact and shipping details are automatically loaded and updated. No longer do you have to have multiple software packages to run your business.

Customer Contact List

Keeps a list of all contacts associated with the customer, which can be added to, or deleted from depending on your requirements.

Customer History

An extensive and complete history of every quote, sales order, invoice, cash sale, statement, appointment etc that you have made with this customer. These can at any time be simply drilled into to open the original transaction that makes up the report. If you have the phone system connected to TrueERP this list will even include calls made to the customer.

Auto Loading Reminders

As with the 'To Do List', when the staff are logging on to their system, a screen will pop up to remind them to complete these tasks, or prompt them that they have appointments, quotes to finish, or follow-up calls to make etc. A great tool for ensuring that even the most simplest thing that keeps getting overlooked is completed, efficiently, and on time. There is a huge range of reminders and prompts that can be turned on or off as each staff members sees fit, enabling them to customise TrueERP to suit their personal requirements.

Document Tracking

Keeps a record from within TrueERP of the exact location of every letter, fax or email sent to each and every individual customer.

Follow Ups and Service Cycles

TrueERP has fully integrated follow up prompting and service cycles so you can set the future of your sales team and ensure they are maximising potential.


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